005_SA2006_Schoolchildren1_665x465SS_fisheye_photography_psSH30.jpgAs teachers we are faced with a challenge of making learning interesting for our Students. In these days of technology students text, e-mail, sms, Skype and also use Face book for communication. If we want them to learn and be part of this Globalization era we need to incorporate technology in our teaching. I am luck to be one of CALL(Computer Assisted Language Learning) student at Saint Michael's College. As a CALL student I am exposed to incorporating technology in my classroom activities for my students. My Wiki will cover four aspects of grammar which are listening, speaking, reading and writing. Different technics of assessment will be included for activities which are going to be formally assessed. Types of activities will be pair work, group work and individual work. The aim of teaching is to make education enjoyable and interesting. All the methods the site will use aims at bring joy and happiness to students during their journey of learning. I also hope that you will enjoy learning english with me.
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