Below here we see students working on their computer. They are so involved with what they are doing. We learn ed about students' autonomy, from the look of things from the picture you see that they are independent and confirm most of what learned during this five weeks.Bellow you will also get means of communication which students can use during their collaborative tasks in a CALL class. You will also come across web sites of my class mates which has resources I do not have. I hope you learn from all of us. To avoid duplication of sites I did not include sites which are in some of the web pages. Visit the web pages you will get resources that can be helpful for your teaching.


COLLABORATIVE AND INTERACTIVE TOOLSThese tools will enable communication free and will make it easy for Collaborative activities to be a success. If you can try them and see how they work.


From the following sites there is a lot of information which is CALL related and visiting the sites will be beneficial for anyone who can visit the. The web site has Newsletters. Power Point presentations, Reviews of sites etc. Take a tour and see.

Alicia's web pag

Chung-Feng's web page
Christine's web page
Debbie's web page
Heekyung's web page
Justine's web page
Mary's web page
Nathan's web page
Young Soon's wiki
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